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BLINK: Music Makes the World Go Around

Welcome to Blink, a blog created for music lovers.

At Blink, we aim to create a community of like-minded people through our exploration of music subcultures, new artists and music recommendations, as well as our social commentary deep dives.

For us, music is a way of unifying the world. It unites people from all different walks of life, which is one of our core beliefs and something that we aspire to put across in our work. We are passionate about the uplifting of minority communities within the music scene, the promotion of up-and-coming artists and their music, and the education of our readers through our posts. Most of all, our goal is to spread our love of music and to help our readers find themselves through music in a time when the world seems so divided.

Articles and blogs will be posted two times a week; ‘THE EDIT‘ is a weekly deep dive into into countercultures inspired by different music genres e.g., punk culture and drum n bass culture. ‘WEEKLY RECS’ are our weekly album, soundcloud mixes and song reccomendatiosn mainly focusing on emerging artists with less exposure. We also have our monthly ‘PROFILE’ on underground musicians, bands and DJs, as well as the monthly ‘SPOTLIGHT‘ features on the history of different music genres, scenes and cultures, intending to tell the often untold side of music history.

Thank you for readiing our post! Feel free to browse our page and leave any suggestions, feedback or queries by filling out the form in our contact section. We’re open to hearing any feedback we receive. We’re also looking for graphic designers, brand ambassadors, photographers and writers to join our team, if you’re interested in pursuing a new passion project and are as devoted to music as we are, drop us an email at

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